Is it possible that you are the criminal? Or is it your friend Ahmed? Download Among Us on PC and Mac using BlueStacks and find the in-game criminal who wants to sabotage the spacecraft before it takes off. You're a group of players who are a group of astronauts in a broken spaceship who want to fix it to bring it back to Earth, but apparently none of you wants that. Rather, he wants to keep you on this ship and sabotage it for his sinister purposes. Download Among Us on PC with BlueStacks and try to get to know this criminal among you!First of all, you will have to download BlueStacks on your computer via this link.
After installing the emulator on the computer, access it and tap the Google Play Store on the home page of the emulator, and just as you would on your Android mobile phone search for a game Among Us and then tap the Download button.
Wait for the game to load and it will appear in front of you on the emulator. Run it in the normal way by double clicking on it.
And then BlueStacks will start running the game on your computer with all its features on smartphones in addition to it will provide you with additional features that include touch controls on the screen with a column to configure the keyboard controls on the right sideNote: The game may take a while to run but after that it will run without a hitch.
This was all we had about how to download the game among us on the computer, and in the rest of the article I will show you the most important features that this game comes with, but before that you must know some important things that the BlueStacks emulator provides, which include the ability to take screenshots or record the screen to download gameplay videos For later on to any video platform plus many other things you will find on the side while playing.Features of the game among us
It comes with a very excellent design in addition to being available for download through emulators for free (we explained the method above).
A very exciting game as it is one of the best action and adventure games to play online.
The ability to play with the computer or with your friends or with people from other countries via the Internet.
It works a great deal on developing intelligence and thinking among players so that they are not caught in the game.
Allows you to communicate with your friends on the team. And here we have finished with our explanation today about the game among us and how to download and play it on the computer, wait for us in more explanations of modern games for iPhone, Android, and computer with ways to easily download it on our website.

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