Download 7 Days to Die

Download 7Days to Die

Game description:

7Days to Die is one of the games that contain video games that contain usable information in this game, from the year 2016, in addition to work, operation, operation and operation: Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows, as well as That the game revolves around the events of survival, through distance from the living dead and overcoming them.

Game overview - 7 Days To Die
 Important: Contains Alpha 17 B199 copy.

Introducing the latest version of the PC game genre called 7 Days To Die. In an open world, it is a unique blend of first-person shooter, Survival Horror and RPG combines combat, terror, mining, exploration and development of his own temperament. The game is available for PC MAC and LINUX in the near future as World War III leaves the ground, but the worst is yet to come. Nobody knows if it is radiation science, biochemical weapons or God’s action, an unknown virus is close to transforming humans who remained in the army of the dead.

  • Game requirements - 7 Days To Die

  • The minimum of c
  •  Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor: 2.4GHz dual core CPU
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Triple: Nvidia 8800 GTX | Radeon HD 4770
  • DirectX: version 10
  • What is looking for a stone area from the search space

What are the advantages of downloading 7Days to Die survival game for the computer?

Interface: 7Days to Die is one of the amazing games that has a simple and very smooth interface, and a novice or professional person can deal with it in a very simple and streamlined way

Adventures: 7Days to Die has the best fierce and wonderful adventures as there are many terrifying adventures in this game, as it is in the first and last of the fun and unique action games as this character adds a lot of fun and excitement to that game where it must be known that the player is in Dark and suspicious room, and the windows and doors in the g

gameare already closed.

The story: The story of 7Days to Die is an interesting story, which is really not strange to the user's mind as there are many stories that state the same meaning in many foreign films

Download 7Days to Die

almustawayaata: tatawajad fi tilk alluebat alraayieat alkthyr min almustawayat almushawaqat hayth 'ana alllaeib yatadaraj min almustawi alsahl 'iilaya almustawi al'aseab wayuetabar hdha al'amr yaemal eali musaeadat alllaeib fi al'iitharat wayajealuh qadir eali takmil aiktishaf alkthyr min al'ahdath almukhtalifat walgharibat balfel waltaa min bayniha 'anah yujad makhluq ghyr maryiyin fi almanzil.

kathrat almhmat: tatawajad fi luebat 7Days to Die alkthyr min almahami almukhtalifat walmutanawieat waltaa yjb ely alllaeib 'an yaqum bitukhtiha jmyeaan waltaghalub ealayha bishakl kabir walqiam bihali alkthyr min al'alghaz almutawajidat fi tilk allaebat.

Levels: There are many interesting levels in this wonderful game as the player ranges from the easy level to the most difficult level and this matter works to help the player in excitement and makes him able to complete the discovery of many different and really strange events, among which there is an invisible creature in Home.

The large number of tasks: There are many different and varied tasks in the game 7Days to Die, which the player must skip all of and overcome them greatly and solve many of the puzzles in that game.

A variety of weapons that you can use in a variety of weapons, hand tools, weapons and tools based on throwing bullets.

Freedom of movement: Unlike some games, 7 Days To Die offers

Consists of several levels: It consists of a 7 days death game consisting of several levels and stages, in the first stage

And other other features that you will discover when you download the game and start the adventure and action journey.

Download 7Days to Die

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