Download The sims game

Download The Sims game

We will leave the games that we used to talk about, such as action games, strategy games and other strong games that contain a strong story and events. We will start with a new game that is different in terms of shape, style, gameplay, etc. The game and this is in order to attract users, sometimes these games simulate reality in a certain part, but today we will offer you a game that fully simulates reality and all the parts in it.

The game that we are talking about today will live in it fully, as it is a real world and reality in which you will do all your activities, this game is The Sims 4 game for the computer, smartphones and console devices, in this topic we will provide you with the direct link to download The Sims game on your computer You and the way to run the game on the computer without the need for an emulator and on phones as well, and all the strong features and activities in this game.

Download The Sims 4 game

 with a direct link for the computer and phones
Today we will talk about a more than realistic game, this game that will create for you a world of its own inside the real world, sometimes we want to change our lives or try many experiences that we could not do in the real world, and from here the game The Sims 4 appeared, which is It is a complete reality that has been created and in it you will start to create your own character and it is the avatar that simulates your personality and you will start to fully control the character, you will feel that you really are, you will find in this world houses, shops and neighbors
And others, as you will find in the game, you will find a very large community and many people that you can communicate with and live with as you like, you will start building your dream house. Many problems and life circumstances exhibit its trade in reality.

Description of the game The Sims 4

The Sims game is one of the great video games designed for the computer and smartphones, which is closer to strategic games, in this game you will depend on a strategy in order to manage your life, whether in terms of work, family life, social life, etc., the game appeared to us in 2014, on the 2nd of the month of 9, by the well-known Electronic Arts company in the industry of realistic video games such as the FIFA series and others, the game is designed to work on the computer on the Windows operating system and on smartphones, whether it is Android phones or iPhone phones, and there is also a version of it that works on Console devices such as Playstation 4 and others, however, the game is individual and does not require you to have internet in order to work, and the game also has many other great features and additions

Features of downloading The Sims 4 game for PC:

We can benefit from it in all social aspects as it improves your relationships in a beautiful and entertaining way and makes you acquire some important qualities that you must have in order to be wonderful friendships in life by taking advantage of playing it, there are many advantages that it provides to the players of the various things that make us continue to enjoy them We are not tired of it and it also provides tools that we can use in an easy way in order to have everything with it.

After downloading the game The Sims 4 

for the computer, you can choose the character in order to start the game with it also provides a way to build the character that you want to be you and also choose the shape and appearance on which you become from the color of the skin and hair as well as the eyes and we move to the manner of dress also all this is available to you through what It is available from the  various tools w 

Requirements to run The Sims on PC
Running the game requirements on the minimum computer: -

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000.
Ram: 2 GB.
Screen Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600, ATI Radeon X1300, or Intel GMA X4500.
Operating System: Windows 7.
Hard disk space: 10 GB..

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