Download the game total war

Download the game total war

 Download the game total wa

There are many companies that manufacture games, and in recent times the companies that manufacture games have spread widely, and this is because the technologies that companies use have become widely available, so the number of manufacturers has increased in a very large number in a short period, and there is also a large number that He started in the recent period in the games industry, such as the most famous company in the world of computers, the company that is number one among the software manufacturers and the games manufacturers is Microsoft, this company that manufactures almost everything for the computer and nowadays it manufactures phones, but it is distinctive phones. Phones work on the Windows operating system

This company that created the Windows operating system, this system is the best among other systems, this company has created one of the best strategy games for the computer. This game is Total War Rome II, which is popular among computer games.

Total War: Rome 2 Total War: Rome II computer game

Microsoft is one of the best companies that publish applications and operating systems for the computer, as it manufactures many devices and computer spare parts, and it manufactures phones. Microsoft has recently manufactured one of the best strategic games for the computer. Computer users loved it and this is because of the many features that Microsoft put it in. As a result of the high demand that the game received, the manufacturer made many ,parts for the game

Download the game total war

Description of the amazing strategy game Total War: Rome 2 Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome 2 Total War: Rome II is one of the releases of the Total War series, which is the 9th version that was released at the end of 2013 and this version was made to be a competitor to all strategy games that were released for the computer and this is because this version was made Developing it through the capabilities available in the manufacturer, as it embodied the characters in the army that you lead, and you can also be your own corps, this corps that leads your army, as this game is considered one of the games that simulate ancient times those ages that were adopted On the armies that you build in order to confront the countries that are hostile to you, there was no such thing in the past as international politics that governed between states.

Features of the great war game Total War: Rome II

There are many wonderful features in the game Total War that made it distinctive and has a great place among the various computer games, these features are: -

Graphics: This game is characterized by wonderful graphics, where the company embodied the characters within the game, which are the soldiers who form an army from them in order to fight other countries in order to seize other countries and expand your kingdom or repel an enemy attack on you.

Control: This game features an ideal control system so that you can control the whole army, including soldiers, troop commanders, and control corps, as there are many formations through which you prepare your army for attack or defense.

The story: In this game there is a nice story that you can do by expanding your kingdom and controlling hostile lands or kingdoms.

Alliance: You can create an entire alliance of your own, through which you and some countries can unite in order to be able to stand in the face of countries or kingdoms that are hostile to you and your allies.

Game systems: There are two basic play systems, which are single-player play with the computer and team play with friends.

Requirements to run Total War: Roma 2 on a computer
Minimum requirements for running the game: -

Operating System: XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.

Processor: Intel Dual Core processor / Intel Single Core processor.

Ram: 2GB.

Screen Card: DirectX 9.0c 512 MB.

DirectX 9.0c.

Free hard disk space: 35 GB.

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

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