Download Abo Khashem ابو خشم

Download the game Abo.Khashem

Download the game Abo.Khashem

Download the Abu Khashm game, one of the wonderful games that are designed for fun games that have been created using games and music games that make them the most beautiful games with the help of games.

One of the most important features of the game is that its events take place within the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a group of fun that varies between riding cars and fighting that varies through that package.

In addition to the fact that the game is characterized by the dialogues that take place between a group of characters while roaming inside the Kingdom, the dialogues that take place in the Arabic language, which helped the game spread widely within the Kingdom and the Arab world

Download the game Abo.Khashem

Download the Abu Khashm game, which is filled with a different group of characters, on top of which the Abu Khashm character comes along with the Shakman character, so the game's characters interact with each other in a world of open comedy in which the player tries to get the largest possible number of points.

Also, the player tries to build different stores and works to develop them as this will help the player move between the different stages of the game through various challenges between real characters.

Abu Khashm game features

  • The Abu Khashm game is characterized by an open world in which the player enters with a group of other players in a set of challenges and competitions within the various cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in an exciting and wonderful experience.
  • The game contains a number of different adventures and missions, including fighting evil cats, searching for treasures, owning shops and real estate, and enjoying entertaining adventures.

  • The game is also characterized by high quality in graphics, different scenes and landscapes that take place mostly in desert areas, as well as a three-dimensional game with distinct graphics, unique music and sound effects.
  • The game is also characterized by the Arabic language in which it was designed so that the player will be able to smoothly identify and control the game tools.
  • In addition to that, the game is characterized by great possibilities and various and varied tasks such as hiring people, owning shops and homes, buying real estate, as well as construction and design for various decorations.
  • Despite the great potential of the game, it is one of the light and small games on various electronic devices that do not cause any problems for the device and will not conflict with any files or programs on it.

  • Information about the game abo khashem
  • The name of the game: Abu Khashm
  • Developed company: Steampowered
  • Game size: It depends on the device you are using
  • Version number: V
  • Operating systems: Windows - Mac - Android - iOS
  • Language: Multilingual

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