Download Conflict Global storm

Download Conflict Global storm

Download Conflict Global storm

Download the game Desert Storm 4 is classified as an action and excitement game and is considered one of the versions of this wonderful series "Desert Storm Games" and has won the satisfaction of all users in many countries of the world as well as the ease of downloading it from the Internet, but this game will take you on a different fun tour .

Once you run it, you find yourself in the arena of war and you have many weapons of great development available to you, helping you to eliminate your opponents and complete your tasks after downloading the game Desert Storm 4The visual and audio effects in it make you integrate into the game always and make you always exciting and exciting, and what makes you more excited is the way the interesting play story is presented, as it charges you with enthusiasm to complete the tasks required of you and the more tasks you accomplish, the more difficult the game becomes.

One of the most important features of this game is the element of weapons, and unlike many other games, you start the game and you have many weapons that do not end up using them as many as you want, so you will not look at buying weapons or savings throughout the game, and in this version the capabilities of weapons were developed and another addition was added. New in a way that gives this release a lot of advantage over previous releases.

Information about downloading the game Desert Storm 4 from Mediafire

The game Desert Storm 4, with a great search on the world level, has become one of the most important war and challenge games, and what gives it wide fame is that the story of the game resembles real events where the great hostility that occurred between the armies of America and Britain and the war that took place at the time after Iraq’s assault on Kuwait.

So you can join the game Desert Storm 4 and wage war against the enemy and preserve the unity of your allies, and what will help you by the great updates in this version and the advanced weapons that did not exist before, that you will find after downloading the game Desert Storm 4.

Download Conflict Global storm

A detailed explanation of the Conflict Global Storm 4 game

Download Desert Storm 4 is characterized by its interesting story, as it is full of many challenging and exciting events, and I will briefly write some of these events: Once you download the game and run it, you will choose the character that will represent you and then carry out the tasks assigned to you and these tasks are based on preserving the rest of your team and helping them This is because you are allies and also rescue the hostages, and know the whereabouts of the opponent and destroy them, by pouncing on their weapons of war and their tents and not giving them a chance to escape, so you must get rid of them.

In the fourth edition, these are many features that you must seize in order to win, and among the most important of these wonderful updates are weapons, as the game provides you with unique weapons that are not available at the opponent and thus the game helps you eliminate your opponents and carry out your tasks as required, the best reason for winning is to protect your team and unity between you ; Let the opponent be an easy prey for you.

The most important features of the download of the game Desert Storm 4 compressed

  • The maps that are available in the game to help the team and are a means of protection for them.
  • The availability of many advanced and powerful weapons and ammunition that assist the team in ending the opponent.
  • Internet connection is not required to play the game.
  • It is possible that if you need help from a player you can do so.
  • The power of the army, which helps eliminate the opponent.
  • Sound and visual effects and the wonderful merging between them.
  • Download Desert Storm 4 game available after downloading games for the computer.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, windows XP, Windows 7,8,10 - 64 bit
  • Video Card: DirectX 7-compatible 3D graphics card (DirectX 9 compatible recommended)
  • Processor: 1.8GHZ
  • Ram: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB.
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