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The company has presented it in the first part of the series of wonderful adventures and many powerful fights in addition to the diverse and powerful weapons that you use in combat, in addition to the wonderful and powerful series that contains many events, the group began to release the series in the first version, and the version ended The first to know the crypt which was discovered on the island, she was saved The complete set of the series of the series that ends the release and the story at the beginning of the second edition of the complete series of the complete set of the series.

As you will find that the second part of the game has the same system that we saw in the second version, and the style of the game and the perspective of the game is fixed, as the series of Crisis games has been famous for the first perspective as it is now competing with different games in terms of this perspective, in addition to It differs from many games in the category of action and fighting games in that it contains wonderful adventures and strong dramatic events because of the wonderful story in the game, and the second version of the game will have a very strong and wonderful story, in addition to the other developments that have been added to the suit The superhero that distinguishes this game and that gives you special abilities

Description of the game Crysis 2 Chrysis 2

Crysis 2 Chrysis 2 is the second edition of the Chrysis series that was released in 2011, and this version has achieved great fame more than the first version of the series, especially with the tremendous modifications made by the developer studio after relying on the advanced CryTech engine that offers Many advantages of the first perspective games, in addition to the clear improvements to the gameplay environment, which differed entirely from the previous version, and many improvements in the super suit worn by the hero of the game and his assistants, which are very similar to one of the famous c

Download Crysis 2

cinematicfilms called GE Go.

Especially with the presentation of the idea of ​​the super suit, which highlights the extent of the development of the technology that may be used militarily, which was picked up by Electronic Arts to present it to us under the name of Crysis, which managed to mobilize a significant number for the first version of it and the demands for a new version, which is the matter that the company responded to with harnessing many The tremendous potential for avoiding the harsh criticism the company may face from fans who have been waiting impatiently for the game

Characteristics of the game Chrysis 2

  • This version contains many wonderful features that made the version very popular, now we will show you some of these features: -

  • The graphics in the game have now become much better, as it has become more realistic and convincing that this may actually be the future, although the game is from the author’s imagination, but it is very wonderful.
  • The control system in the game is very flexible and beautiful and will give you full control over the weapons and the suit inside the game.
  • In the game there are many levels of difficulty and you can choose the appropriate ones.
  • There are many great visual and sound effects inside the game.
  • The suit's abilities have been developed to suit the difficulty of the game.
  • There is a new and large bunch of wonderful weapons inside the game.
  • There are tons of new enemies inside the game that you will fight from genetically modified people to robots.
  • The overall look of the game is much better thanks to the advanced crytech engine

Requirements for running Crysis 2 Chrysis 2 on the computer

Minimum requirements: -

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Operating System: Windows 7.
  • Screen Card Capability: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI / AMD Radeon HD 3850.
  • Hard disk: 9 GB.

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