Download Batman Arkham Knight game

Download Batman Arkham Knight
Download Batman Arkham Knight

Who among us does not like adventures and who among us did not watch Batman movies and cartoon series as a child, to this day, and the hero. It can help you do this, as well as people who can be recruited and trained. Face enemies, gangs and criminals at the same time From friends in order to be able to stand in the face of enemies, gangs and criminals at the same time, today we will present to you one of the Batman games that are considered the most powerful of these games as they fully represent the character, which is the Batman Arkham Knight game.

Batman Arkham Knight game

And now the city is filled with villains, and they have allied themselves like Penguin, Scarecrow, Two-Face against Batman and the Halloween events begin when Scarecrow, also known as "The Scarecrow", decides to spread terror in the city that only has to deal with him, our hero Batman, you will also need the equipment of Batman These equipment that will help you catch up with the bad guys and confront them like a smooth, easy-to-control Batman car, is one of the best cars to avoid and catch up in a city Gotham and launched with it through the walls like a tank that looks like it with full force and reveals that mystery at night, this release to many other combat equipment, weapons and rope that you will use in order to fly, climb and others.

The story of the Batman Arkham Knight game

The events begin on Halloween when Scarecrow, a drunkard, decides to spread terror in the city through Alvear Toxin. Batman follows him and meets Oracle and learns from her about Ace Chemicals, the toxins that Scarecrow spreads. Batman confronts Arkham Knight for the first time and locates Scarecrow, but he kidnaps him. Oracle and Skyrocket will expose Batman to the toxins he planted before he escapes, then the Joker appears, and five people have been injected with his blood Throwing him snatches the orkle and the Drunk Crow will expose Batman to the toxins he planted before he escapes, then the Joker appears, and five people have been injected with his injured blood. To Jordan One, his daughter has been kidnapped.

Download Batman Arkham Knight game

A businessman knew Simon was teased with the help of Scarecrow. Batman was able to deliver Scarecrow, and a small dose of Virtuxin made the Joker control Batman's mind after he regained consciousness. Arukal is locked in the bunker of the Scarecrow. Harley Quinn takes over Batman's base, but Robin comes and apprehends her and the infected. The Joker, with the help of Batman, and with the help of Evie, Batman is able to destroy the scheme of Arkham Knight, Batman is all that is exposed to poison, the control of the Joker increases in his mind and he confronts the stunt Knight in the end, he knows that his name is Jason Todd and that he was the former Robin before the Joker tortured him and made Batman think that he was dead, Jordan and Batman They face the Scarecrow on the roof of the Scarecrow.

Batman Arkham Knight game features

  • Multiply the number of enemies.
  • The combat system has been developed where you can catch the enemy and throw him at other enemies.
  • The dodge system has been improved so you can defeat even stronger enemies.
  • It can at any time require a remote controlled batman bulletproof car.
  • Batman's flight pattern has been improved so he can now fly farther distances than his predecessors.
  • The Leaderboards for Newton's Cradle Challenge have been overhauled as you can replay the all-time record high on the list.
  • Walls in Challenge AR mode will only appear when characters are close to them.
  • The ability to choose characters in AR Challenges.
  • The graphics in the game have been greatly improved and more realistic.

Requirements to run Batman Arkham Knight on PC
Minimum requirements: -

Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965.

RAM: 6 GB.

Operating System: Windows 7.

Screen Card Capability: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Or AMD Radeon HD 7950.

Hard disk: 50 GB.

Download Batman Arkham Knight

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