download the GTA 3 game

download the GTA 3 game

 Link to download the GTA 3 computer game for free

Today we have another meeting with the series of games that have been released for the computer, this series is the GTA games series, as we have previously talked about this series that combines action games for cars together at the same time and with it also a wonderful story that resembles stories, at the end of 1999, the evolution of the computer Hugely, the second part of the GTA series of games was released, this version is GTA 2 version, Good Days, which is an idea that is one of the first games that changed the concept of games.

You no longer have to play the role of the policeman or the role of benevolence, but in this game you simulate the character of a thief who steals cars and also robbers banks, banks, people and houses, and you will also get involved with many gangs in this game, today we will talk about the version The third, which is new in many things, in this part is GTA 3 GTA 3.

GTA 3 game for the computer

The GTA series of games is one of the best series that was released for the computer, this series is different from the rest of the other series because in this game you simulate the character of a thief who clashes with different gangs in America and Europe, and you will also rob banks and carry out many different crimes But, in this game, the police will chase you and will not spare you and will chase you, so if you resist, the police will send you many helicopters that will try to kill you, the game is one of the different wonderful fighting games that have achieved the highest loading rate since its first launch

download the GTA 3 game

Description of the game GTA 3 GTA 3

GTA 3 GTA 3 is considered one of the very distinctive parts of the GTA series of games, as this part is one of the first parts in which the open world system was developed as it should be, as they changed the character's perspective that was looking at people and streets from above But in this game, your perspective in this game is the third for the character, as you see the character completely, but from a side angle and not from the top, and the characters in the game have been embodied as they have become more realistic than the past parts largely through controThe characters in the game, as they have become more realistic than the past parts, largely through control and graphics, and the cars inside the game are beautifully designed to resemble the cars in reality, other than that, the cities and buildings inside the game are designed to resemble the existing ones in reality as well. The city is completely designed from buildings, seas, beaches, streets and various shops, this is the most realistic part of the game.l

GTA 3 game features

This version is considered the first version in the developed open-world system that we see in today's games, and your perspective on this game is completely different from previous versions, this part is the basic building block of the rest of the parts that will be released, and there are many features: -

  • The game has more than wonderful graphics, as well as the characters and embodiment of the Arab women and buildings in the city and all its streets and characters.
  • The control in the game is more than wonderful as it is very flexible as you can do combat and drive cars and planes with ease.
  • There are many different missions in the game that will make the game more interesting and exciting.
  • There are also a large number of cars inside the game that you will need in escapes and chases, and there are many tanks and planes inside the game.
  • You can buy buildings inside the game, buy weapons, auto center, and other places spread inside the game

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