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Download the game rising of the shield hero

Download the game rising of the shield hero

A story about the events of the story about Naofumi Iwatani, this book was written and pulled into the world of three people around the world.

The Four Heroes are a group of ordinary young men from Japan, who were summoned to the kingdom of "Milleromark", her heroic heroes from the catastrophic waves that repeatedly destroyed the earth and caused suffering for the citizens for centuries.

The weapons of the four heroes are the sword, spear, bow and shield that will help them face the catastrophic waves that will live in the kingdom of Milleromark.

"Naufumi Iwatani", the hero of the story, became cursed with his fate for being the "champion of gear", as he was underestimated and ridiculed because of the champion of the cog that preceded him and left a bad impression on him among the people, which led to his being rejected by his fellow heroes and the people of the kingdom because of his weak offensive abilities.

Advantages of shield hero game

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Based on the work of Aneko Yusagi, the popular anime "The Rising Hero Armor" makes its RPG debut! Not only can you relive memorable scenes from the anime, but you can experience the battle system used by Naofumi, the hero who specializes in defense. Faithful to the high Hero Armor, you can also become a travel merchant, doing business throughout the vast lands of Melromarc. ▼ A full-on 2D RPG made from an authentic MV RPG maker led by an MV RPG maker. Whether you are a fan of this show or RPG, this game does not disappoint! ▼ Features over 700 CL from anime! The game is packed with 2D pixel sprites jumping characters, as well as over 700 CL from the anime! ▼ Battle system Immersive battle system makes use of various hero shield abilities and talents like "vigilance

That lets see where the enemy is aiming to "grab" which traps enemies who have a gun for you, and "protect" that you use to guard allies. There is also a powerful leveling system where you can infuse your shield using tools that get you to learn new skills. Become a merchant and travel around the vast lands of Melromarc! Every city and town in the anime is recreated so you can explore Melromarc in its entirety. This game offers much more than just story and battles. Discover items along your journey to craft items that can be sold as a "travel dealer". The actions you take as a player also affect how different personalities around the world will react to your Rating Score. These systems and more make the world of shield hero rise to life! ▼ Before you buy ▼

Information about the shield hero game

Version: 1.0.0

- Size: 78.49 MB

Price: Free

- Root Required: No need

- In-app purchase offers: No.

Price: Free

Download the game rising of the shield hero