Download the game Zombie Army Trilogy

Download the game Zombie Army Trilogy

 Download the Zombie Army Trilogy game for the computer with one direct link:

In  Zombie Army Trilogy it uses mechanics similar to Sniper Elite V2 in which the player is encouraged to tackle enemies from afar with their sniper rifle instead of attacking them head-on, but this game adopts a more linear level design, with less emphasis on stealth in favor of an action-oriented approach. The game is in an alternate version of WWII, where the player character uses weapons appropriate to that era, again like V2, the player can use different types of explosives, including grenades, triple-wire mines and dynamite, another mechanic Using a sniper rifle, some elements such as wind direction, force and drop of the bullet can affect the trajectory of the bullet when fired, bullets can bounce off surfaces or targets and hit others, the player can also hold their breath to stabilize their shot and more accurately determine the direction in which the bullet will travelreturning from V2 is that when.

Story of the horror game Zombie Army Trilogy:

Once the zombies are released in the game, OSS agent and sniper Karl Fairburne, veteran infantry in the Red Army Boris Medvedev, Hermacht Captain Hermann Wolf, and German mystery Ephram Schweiger are forced to collaborate in an abandoned village not far from Berlin, after clearing the zombie village, the quartet drives a truck to pick them up. In Berlin, as soon as they arrive, they find the city in disarray, zombies wandering the streets and alleys, the radio dispatch tells the quartet that the zombies are gathering in the nearby memorial cathedral, so the four go to investigate, in the cathedral, they find a mysterious summoning SS zombie, in a fight with him and his minions. The survivors return the demon-demoned officer to Hell and discover a tunnel under the church altar, leadingTunnel the group into an underground facility controlled by the living dead, inside, discovers the four a reference to the Book of Spirits, stored in the Berlin Central Library, an obscure medieval text in the event proving difficult to control zombies, Hitler never recovered before unleashing the crowd, when Exiting the facility, the survivors fight their way to the library, where they obtain the book and unleash its power on the zombies, but find its effects negligible, then the four escape through the U-Bahn to a canal where they kill another mysterious SS general and escape via a British agent on a boat.

Requirements for running Zombie Army Trilogy on PC:

  • Operating system: Windows, Vista.
  • Processor: Intel.
  • Ram: 512 MB.
  • Game size: 60 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 70MB.

Information about Zombie Army Trilogy:

Meanwhile, in his underground bunker, Hitler and his last general discuss the remains of Sagarmatha, an artifact intended to protect Hitler from living soldiers, the general reveals that Hitler needed all three to function, as Hitler beats the officer to death with a Relic shrapnel, then Zombies storm the Führerbunker and kill Hitler, the Fireborn and the survivors are returned to Berlin when intelligence allies reach the Sagarmatha remains and their purpose, so they arrive at the Brandenburg Gate to retrieve the first piece of relic from the Kaiser Friedrichshain Museum and kill the zombies along the way, once retrieved, the four move to the Berlin Planetarium Where they discover a secret entrance to Hitler's bunker,Schwaiger directs them to the G-Tower outside of Berlin, the four seize a train from nearby Rileydard and make their way there, en route, they are informed through their British intelligence connection that the Allies have authorized Operation Red Harvest, a plan to blow up Berlin and the surrounding area with atomic bombs to destroy zombies on Hope, race against time, the four succeeded in breaking through the tower, defeating the hidden general above it, and recovering the third piece of the relic of the four.They are as lively as the USAAF bombing area.

Features and details of the game

  •  Zombie Army Trilogy:
  • A powerful horror game.
  • Many new stages and levels await.
  • Tasks you must fulfill.
  • It works on many systems.
  • Free game.

Download the game Zombie Army Trilogy

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