Download the Blur


Download the Blur

Download the Blur computer game from Mediafire in a small size for free

Download the game Blur, this game isconsidered one of the amazing games in the world of car racing among all types of games that are based on the same idea, but the excitement factor in this game in particular is completely different from any other game, due to the high degree of risk that the founders of the game relied on when Its creation.

And this game enjoys unparalleled attention at all in the world of car racing games all over the world for all users and fans of the kind of fun games that always attract children or even young people and perhaps some elderly towards it.

Where the download of the game Blur is one of the most successful car racing games that spread in the recent period and the fans loved it very much because it contained many surprises for the masses and also contained many adventures and exciting events that were very much admired by all fans of racing games and car games in general.

Download Blur game: -

This game is one of the types of games that require a large amount of space on the hard drive in your computer, given that its size reaches 5.1 GB, which makes it the only drawback in it, but if that space is provided, you will never regret downloading a game. That's so big.

It should be noted that downloading the Blur game for the computer will not work on your device normally, as you expect, or it may not work from the ground up, in the event that 14 GB of free space is not provided on the hard drive, in front of the screen card, it should be 256 MB.

About Blur game: -

The game Blur is based on many dangerous races in cars, where you are required to skip each race separately in order to be able to run the race that immediately follows it, bearing in mind that changing the car that you play remains linked to the number of fans present in the race, so the greater the number of fans you are allowed to get On a new car.

The advantage of downloading the game Blur from other car games in the abundance of types of races in it, through the presence of 4 challenges in front of you in the game and not relying on repeating the same races, which leads to the player feeling very bored of the game in the end.

The most important features of downloading the game Blur: -

  • The game does not contain any viruses whatsoever despite its large size.
  • Ease of downloading the game from the Internet, in addition to the ease of installing it on the computer and then starting to play directly.
  • The ability to compete with more than 20 players at the same time online.
  • The ability to challenge your friends by sending them an invitation via Facebook to run a race against you.
  • The game gives you the ability to publish the results of the races that you won on Twitter, and it also gives you the opportunity to post pictures of you while racing with your car on Facebook.

Download Blur

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