Download dolphin-x64-5.0

 Download the Dolphin Emulator for Windows PC

Dolphin emulator program for Nintendo games and Wii games that has been developed beautifully to help you play favorite games on Nintendo Gamecube and Wii Emulator devices comfortably and easily as this program converts your computer from PC to one of the mentioned devices according to the game you want and after that you can Through the games simulator, play the best and most powerful games that you prefer and are preferred by many users simply and by just a few button presses, the program is easy and simple and has been developed to work on computers running Windows systems, and you can also choose your favorite version of the program according to the system that you use from the top from the top Through the largest Arabic software, applications and games store.

What is a dolphin emulator emulator

It is a free and open source video game emulator for two modern Nintendo video game consoles: GameCube and Wii. High definition (1080p) high definition software is available with many computer controllers, network, and network computer game consoles. The emulator works with various operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

It launched in 2003 as a free program for the Windows operating system. Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator to successfully run commercial games. After troubled development in the early years, Dolphin became free and open source software, and then gained support for Wii emulator. Soon after, the emulator was ported to Linux and macOS. As mobile devices have grown in power over the years, running Dolphin on Android has become a viable option. Dolphin is well received in IT media and video games due to its high compatibility, steady development, number of features available, and ability to play games with graphical improvements over the original consoles.

About Dolphin Computer Program:

Dolphin is the best Wii computer emulator you can find. It also works with Gamecube, so you will be able to play the latest nintendo games on PC.

In addition, in most cases you will enjoy better graphics than what is found on a real video game console.

Yes, it's true, your computer is better than any Nintendo video controller in terms of hardware, so it gives you better graphics and performance. Fabulous.

Enjoy Wii in HD thanks to Dolphin. You should try it.

Although you have to customize it the first time and it can be a little difficult due to the many options that you can change, once you customize it to suit your needs, it's really cool.

A new way to play Wii games, because your computer can handle all Wii games and gamecube. Enjoy!

Important note: The version of the program that was developed for Windows 64-bit computer systems is 5.0, while the latest version developed for 32-bit Windows systems is 4.0.2, and both of them you will find in the download links

Dolphin emulator features

  • Dolphin comes with many features. Some of them aren't even available on the original Wii game console

  • The user interface is intuitive, but requires a mid-level configuration. While the interface is easy to use and straightforward, the same cannot be said of the configuration menu which makes setting up the application difficult for beginners.
  • Provides you advanced settings for game display customization: It comes with Xbox 360 controller support, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, memory and bus viewer, WAD support, memory card manager and playback simulator
  • The main configuration menu allows you to enable dual core support, cheat and idle skip, but also to reconcile with CPU emulator drive settings, such as JIT recompiler, JitIL recompiler and Interpreter.
  • The emulator lets you save any running game whenever you want and update status.
  • Anti-Aliasing and AnisotropicFiltering feature make games brighter and more realistic. The game on Dolphin usually looks much better than the original Wii console. Actual quality depends on graphics card.

  • Operating systems supported by Dolphin emulator
  • It works with all versions of Windows operating system (7, 8, 8.1 and 10).
  • It works with the various Linux system.
  • Works with Mac version 10.12 Sierra.
  • CPU: 3 GHz Dual Core minimum.
  • Graphics: A reasonably modern graphics card (Direct3D 11.1 / OpenGL 3.3). A graphics card that supports Direct3D 11.1 / OpenGL 4.4 is recommended.

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