Download the game Tom and Jerry

Download the game Tom and Jerry for the computer Media FireWe

 were all watching cartoons, cartoons and cartoon series that we love, and there are many characters that appeared in cartoon films that we will never forget, no matter what happened. We have lived with them many wonderful memories, from these characters, the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry, which are considered among the best And the most beautiful cartoon characters that appeared to us, they are considered the two characters most loved by children, they are a cat and mouse who live in one house and do together with many difficult and strong chases and many pranks until one of them wins.

But despite these wonderful chases that they are comedic and nice and there is no violence, the cartoon is very comic and it urges many principles that you will learn, because of the fame of these two wonderful characters and the love of people for them, the developers started making many video games that simulate These two characters, but there is only one old computer game that got great fame and became the best game that simulates two Tom and Jerry characters, this wonderful game is Tom and Jerry, which we will show you the full explanation and description of the game in the next paragraph of the description.

Download the game Tom and Jerry

Description of the Tom and Jerry game for the computer

The Tom and Jerry game is one of the most beautiful video games that have been released for the computer, this wonderful game that works on the Windows operating system, and the game also supports all versions of Windows, starting from XP, this wonderful game has gotten great fame even though it is very old as it passed It has many years on it, but it is still very famous and contains great popularity and this is because the game Tom and Jerry contains many wonderful features that made the game more than wonderful.

Graphic: -
Tom and Jerry game contains average and wonderful graphics, although it is old, the color consistency is very wonderful, and the characters inside the game are very beautifully designed and simulate the cartoon completely, as the floors are designed inside the game and places such as the kitchen, garden, laboratory and other places that You will fight in it.

control :-
The game Tom and Jerry contains a very wonderful and flexible control system that will make it easy for you to play greatly, as controlling the character is very difficult as you will hit, run and jump on chairs, tables, fridges, etc. and you chase, and you will also find many equipment that you will use in combat such as Tomatoes, chairs and a stick that you will throw at your opponent, and you must master the control in order to be able to win the competition.

Tom and Jerry game features

The game Tom and Jerry contains many wonderful features that made this game, despite its introduction, is very wonderful and distinctive: -

  • Tom and Jerry is free and does not require any fees.
  • The game contains many great adventures and fights.
  • There are many ways to play.
  • There are many difficulties and equipment with which you will be fighting.
  • The game Tom and Jerry contains many stages and fights so that you will never get bored of the game.
  • The game has a lot of cool effects.
  • There are many characters within the game.
  • The graphics of the game, although light, are great.
  • The control system and the gameplay system inside the game is super cool.
  • The game space is small and does not require high capabilities in order to work on the computer.
  • There are many wonderful cinemas in the game.

Requirements to run the game Tom and Jerry on the computer

  • Requirements for running Tom And Jerry game directly on the computer: -
  • Processor: Pentium II 266MHz or equivalent.
  • Random memory: 128MB Memory.
  • Free space on the hard disk to download the game: 160MB Hard Drive Space.
  • Screen Card Capacity: 16MB DirectX 8 3D compatible.
  • Utilities: DirectX 8.
  • Sound: DirectX 8 compatible

Download the game Tom and Jerry

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