Download EGI3 game

Download EGI3 game

 Download EGI3 game

IGI 3 was the first shooting game I played on my desktop computer - so just to refresh old memories. I am posting IGI 3 Free Download for Desktop PC Games. So you can download it and play. The first part was IGI 1 and the second was the IGI 2 Covert Strike project.

IGI mission game series was very impressive. Overall the background music, ease and simplicity of playing, and an increase in the level of difficulty and participation. Loved every part of the IGI series of games. The main player is the spy who has all the military items to complete the mission.

IGI 3 game story:

We can also mention to you many things and possibilities that you will not receive in many things that we can talk about in this game, which will not be thrown from it to all the fun and excitement that you will not see in the conscience of downloading the game I drag E3 which is now in its modern dress In order to keep pace with the many things that the game can meet.

Welcome, by getting to know many of the things that we can talk about in this good game that can be talked about in this framework, which you will not hesitate to do many things that are mainly based on doing everything that is interesting and exciting more. Than excellent.

Information about IGI 3:

The Bridge: When you download the IGI 3 game, you have different forms of things that make you feel the enjoyment and the difference between them and the other versions that you play in the first class and that you feel in the excellent that makes you feel real, and the shapes of weapons, and the forms of the player involved, all of this makes you into An exciting atmosphere full of high and excellent graphics

Advanced Weapons: The IGE3 game is characterized by the advanced and modernized weapons that make you feel the strength of the challenge, excitement and the excellent development of the machine gun and pistol in its latest releases that make it unique from its counterparts in downloading war games. Sound: As the company that developed the IGI 3 game was interested in the pure and fresh sound, and keen to interact with all the course of affairs in the game, such as the sound of explosions and the sound of gunfire, it is very wonderful and excellent.

IGE 3 game features:

  • Improved artificial intelligence.
  • Better graphics, improved sound and SFX Music.
  • New weapons game.
  • Engaging plot game.
  • New options in IGI 3 game control panel.
  • Missions are equipped with new creatures.

IGI 3 game requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.200 GHz.
  • Ram: 512 MB.
  • Screen Card: 128 MB.
  • Free disk space: 500 MB.

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