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Game overview - NBA 2K13

Nba 2k13 is developed by visual concepts and published by 2k games. It was released on October 31, 2012.

With over 5 million copies sold worldwide and over 25 Sports Games of the Year Awards, NBA 2K12 was another beast release for the largest NBA video game simulation agency in the world. This year, 2K Sports has joined forces with legendary Jay-Z as executive producer in bypassing sports video games and taking virtual wooden to the next level.

Boasting all the new game features, NBA 2K13 will allow players to pit the best players in NBA history against the new breed of talent, including the much-discussed rivalry between the United States in the 2012 men's national team’s 1992 “Dream Team.” 

Main foods:

Production by Jay-Z - produced by multi-platinum recording artist Jay-Z, who presides over the soundtrack, elements of the show during the game, and the overall style of the game.

IMPROVED GAMEPLAY - Includes an improved ball control joystick, a dynamic firing generator to diversify more realistic shots, new signature skills, and much more.

My Care Mode - Build your own myplayer by giving him signature skills, and getting your very own animation. This includes new advocacy tracks, new clothing and casual equipment, and much more.

USA Basketball - Finally, answer the question: Who will win the head-to-head duel between the Dream Team of 1992 and the Today Squad of 2012?

Download the game NBA 99

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In NBA LIVE Mobile, you will be able to play regular matches that span four rounds against NBA teams, and you will also be able to practice in daily events. In events of this type you will be able to play in specific competitions: throw-ins, push the ball from top to bottom into the basket (Salm dunk) and so on. Plus, you can win special cards.

As is the case with the mobile versions of FIFA, in NBA LIVE Mobile you can create your own team using different cards. You can buy additional cards using the cash you win in the game itself or with real money.

Information about the game - NBA 2K13

  • Game Developer: N / A
  • Game publisher: N / A
  • Game release date: N / A
  • Type of game: Simulations, Sports

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