Download Anubis 2 game

Download Anubis 2 game
Download Anubis 2 game

Download Anubis 2 for PC (Anubis the Second; not the game) is an action game from UK developer Metro 3D. The W2 version was worked on by Interactive Data Design. [1] The game is published by Conspiracy Entertainment in the United States. [2] Already released in Europe, it reached Europe and North America as a W2-exclusive game.

Description of the game Anubis 2

Set in ancient Egypt, the player controls Anubis, the guardian of the underworld, in his quest to lift the curse of the pharaohs. Nunchuk controls Anubis while the W2 Remote moves Ra's wand and throws Kanopic bombs.


The game received overwhelmingly negative reviews upon release, including a rating of 1.5/10 from GameSpot, the second worst score one can get with the new rating system, and a rating of 2/10 from IGN. [4] The W2 version of Anubis 2 was also nominated for 2007's Flat-Out Worst Game by GameSpot. Anubis 2 free download full version.

Many critics called it a carbon copy of Ninjabread Man, due to the similar music, gameplay, level layout, and same basic attacks and enemies (plus having most of the same bugs and glitches), due to DDI's use of the Gods Engine. Anubis 2 game free download full version.

Download Anubis 2 game

Long ago, a devious evil spirit known as Mohetep plunged the land of Egypt into darkness. Many thought it had been destroyed to death, but it was destroyed again and took on bodily form. The "curse of the pharaohs" was laid on the faster and faster of the inhabitants of Egypt, a region that was peaceful!

The situation became terrible then to Egypt ... the mighty Anubis.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • CPU: 800MHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • DirectX: 7.0.

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